Thanks for visiting Denning Strong. I feel like I am a pretty strong person in many areas of my life. I am a strong mother, a strong wife, a strong instructor and a strong woman. But I can always become stronger! My personal weakness is food. I made the decision recently to try Advocare to help me finally lose this last 15 pounds or so that has plagued me after giving birth to two sons. This blog will be my journal of this journey. My hope is that I can not only lose these last unwanted pounds, but even more importantly, I’m excited to see how Advocare makes me feel. I hear about how much energy it gives you. Even with all the classes at the Y I teach, for the most part I do feel good and I am “content” but I am not truly where I want to be and I know I can be better and stronger. I still have a struggle with food and do not always make the best choices. I hope that by eliminating the “bad stuff,” it will help my cravings and urges slowly disappear. My goal is to be where I was on my wedding day–before my boys. I WILL DO THIS–for myself and my family which you see below.

Wish me luck and I hope my journey will inspire YOU in yours.



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