My Advisor Order–where do I put it all?!

So I just unpacked all my shipment boxes and here it all is….



Have I mentioned how amazing the Gingerbread bars are? Umm, I ordered NINE boxes!! If you want to try one, let me know:-) And let’s not even get started on SPARK!! Not sure if you can tell, but there are 5 boxes of the Grape pouches and 2 grape canisters and 2 boxes of the fruit punch pouches and 2 fruit punch canisters. Can you tell what our favorites are? 🙂 As I was unpacking I couldn’t resist trying for the 1st time the Tropical multivitamin chews and the DHA purple champ chews and they both did not disappoint!! So delicious and I’m thrilled to have vitamins that I know my boys will LOVE!

Friends and Family–you have to see what all these products are about. I would not be sharing if I didn’t love them myself and know and trust in AdvoCare!

Until next post,




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