SPARK: My favorites

I can definitely see why Spark is one of Advocare’s best sellers. As an avid coffee drinker and lover, it has been an easy transition from coffee to Spark. While I did give up coffee completely during my two pregnancies, other than that, I NEVER went without it. And I am sure I will have coffee again, but I must say that I am enjoying and welcoming the switch to Spark! So far into our 24day challenge, my husband and I have had the Mandarin Orange Spark, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Grape and Cherry Flavors. My least favorites are the Mandarin Orange Spark. For me personally, I will probably only have this flavor when mixing with the fiber drink during the cleanse phase. And then this morning I tried cherry for the first time and thought it was just okay. My favorites are watermelon and fruit punch and then my TOP favorite so far is without a doubt the……


GRAPE SPARK!!! It was sooooo good and yummy!! I can’t wait to have another one and so, when I enjoy something as much as I did the grape spark, it makes giving up the coffee that much easier!!!

Until next time,



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