Advocare Challenge Day 4: Preparation Tips

Well my husband and I have made it to Day 4 of the 24 day challenge and I am very proud to say that he has lost 10 lbs in 4 days so far!!! Seems so crazy, but it is the truth!! I haven’t weighed yet. I am going to wait and finish one full week. Hunger has not been that bad surprisingly! My weak times have ALWAYS been at night, so those are the times when I do seem to notice feeling hunger. My tip: I have just been going to bed and watching TV there–away from the kitchen!!! I am writing this during afternoon snack time and I am actually NOT hungry at all!! Maybe there really is something to be said about cleansing your body and getting rid of all the processed food and chemicals and how they make you more hungry in the long run??? I am going to continue to post tips as I think of them. Below are two pictures from my trip to the grocery store that I wanted to share:


These are many of the pantry items that I have purchased so far. I have actually just decided to leave all the items right there on the counter so they are always visible to us and EASY to grab. I went ahead and measured the almonds and put into baggies for quick access when hungry! I also laid out all the seasonings I use when cooking fish, shrimp or chicken and even the vegetables. My favorites are fresh black pepper, garlic powder, red pepper, ground cumin, thyme and rosemary. Yum!!

Day 4

Can I just say I love this picture!! It is so beautiful to me to see these colors! My tips for success: go ahead and pre-wash everything. And even better, go ahead and slice and chop whatever needs to be done and then store in baggies or containers for quick and easy access when hungry or ready to cook! This has been huge for me with having two boys and a husband to take care of!! I get everything ready when things aren’t so busy so that when schedules get hectic and we get hungry, we are prepared!!!

My favorite foods/meals/snacks so far:

Apples (they are so delicious right now!!)


We like to stir fry peppers and onions and eat with chicken, fish or shrimp

Tuna fish or salmon served on peppers (I just bought some leaf lettuce and plan to make tuna and salmon wraps this week–I’m excited about that!)

Smuckers natural peanut butter on top of a rice cake

Until next post,



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