Advocare 24 day challenge has begun!!

I’m on Day 2 of the Advocare 24 day challenge and am feeling really good and very motivated to rock this!! To go back just a little, if you read my “About” section then you know a little about why I am doing this, but here is a bit more. I decided to try Advocare because my dear friend, Melanie, had contacted me about it probably six months ago. With kids and our busy schedules, we continued to play email, phone and text tag with each other and never actually speaking about Advocare, but I knew she wanted to tell me more about it. I checked out the website and would see her facebook updates. I just wasn’t ready to move forward and especially, the big one was I wasn’t ready to give up COFFEE! But as time went by, I continued to see more of her posts and it continued to make me more curious about not only how good she seems to feel, but in the financial opportunity it was giving her! So, we talked and I bit the bullet and my husband and I are both now on the challenge!! I was so surprised (but very happy) he wanted to do it too!

Our mindset at this point is: we are full heartedly commiting to making this challenge work. I have 18 pounds of extra weight that I have yet to lose from pregnancies. Even though I teach 7 to 10 classes each week at the Y–food has always been my weakness. I am in great shape and feel good–but I know that I can feel even better! I’m excited to cleanse and adopt a clean, natural diet. Then, if we like these products and the way we feel, I will feel comfortable and confident truly endorsing AdvoCare. I like what I see so far and with bills, debt and possible private school tuition in our near future, I think this might be an option for us.  If Advocare can do this for me, then I hope to spread the word!!

I hope you enjoy and can find inspiration through my journey to become stronger!

Before I post my before picture, let me share that I NEVER, NEVER talk about my weight!! I have decided to go full disclosure and lay it all out there–and I never talk numbers! Those of you that know me, know I never discuss how much I weigh. I have yo-yo’d my entire life and it’s just something I never talked about. Even when about to give birth to my first son and the nurse asked me how much I weighed, I wrote it down and showed it to her since my husband was right there!! This is big for me…..but I want to blog my journey open and honestly, so here goes… “BEFORE ADVOCARE CHALLENGE” picture:

before challenge


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